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Proč si nás získal kiteboarding

Why did we fall for kiteboarding

Why did we fall for kiteboarding

This beautiful sport fascinated us many years ago, when we just learnt that such sport exists. In the Czech Republic, kiteboarding was not particularly known at the time, and the kiter community was really small.

No wonder, the conditions for kiteboarding in the Czech Republic aren’t optimal. We tried Czech ponds and dams but poor water quality and often unstable wind discouraged us very often.

We wanted to practice this sport and we wanted to travel, too. The more great kiting moments on our kiting vacations we experienced, the more time we wanted to spend on doing it. In the end, our list of what we wish for in life had one goal: to enjoy life to the fullest, exploree, travel, play sports, live healthy and, of course, kite.

“To open our own kiting school is a dream that came true.”

El Gouna brought good friends to our lives. Without them it would not be easy. But together, we managed to fulfill our common dream. Our main team comprises of 5 members plus instructors. Noone considers this project as a main source of income. Kite El Gouna is something we love to do and our mission is to make other people around us happy – and to offer them the best service possible.

The main reasons why we fell for kiteboarding:

Travelling is much more fun

We were always addicted to travelling and the connection with kiting made our vacations much more enjoyable.

You’ll gain new friends and get to know the destination faster

You are in contact with like-minded people on a daily basis, you enjoy the common hobby – kiteboarding together… it is just way too easy to make friends and spend a lot of quality time together, such as going for dinners, hookah or other places that we can recommend.
Unlike surfing, where surfers compete with each other for every wave, kiteboarding community is extremely friendly.

Physical activity without regard to your age or bodysize

You are constantly on the move, engaging your entire body and you don’t even realize it. Plus, if you’re already able to jump with the kite, you’ll involve your abs to a great extent. The best thing about all this is that you can do this sport even older. Of course, you are much more careful about yourself but you can still enjoy the free ride.

Time spent in nature with fresh air

Spending the whole day in the fresh air on the water or under palm trees in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere without the hustle and bustle of the city is just beneficial in every possible way. All those endorphins and adrenaline flowing through your body will make you shine with happiness. What is more, you will sleep well, you will be more energetic and as a result, you’ll be more productive at work.

Live by the moment, positive thinking

From the moment you start the kite until the time you land it, you don’t think about anything at all. Every single worry is simply forgotten and you live only at the present moment. One could say it’s a kind of meditation – no wonder all kiters we’ve ever met are relaxed, conflict-free and friendly people.

Variability and pushing your personal borders

There is so much diversity in this sport, there is always where to progress. You can enjoy just riding the ocean with breathtaking views, doing all sorts of tricks, jumping as high as you can, exchanging the board for a surfboard and riding the waves.

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