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Kitesurfing Kite El Gouna



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Refresh will remind you of all the kite-related knowledge and skills you have learned before and need to know before heading back to water.


We’ll help you adjust your equipment, we’ll refresh the basics, safety elements and techniques.


If you want to take part in Refresh course, you must have a valid IKO Level 3 certificate.




IKO Level 1 – Basics for Beginners

Your instructor will introduce you to the sport and teach you various safety rules and skills on land before you dive into the water. Safety training will teach you how to evaluate the conditions for kiteboarding or how to handle the kite properly.
Attained skills
  • SEA assessment (spot, environment, activity)
  • Holding, carrying and securing the kite on the ground
  • Setting the kite (Kite Trim)
  • Use of safety systems (3 Steps of Safety)
  • Preflight Check
  • Take Off and Land as an Assistant
  • First control of the kite at the edge of the windshield
  • Let Go the Bar
  • Untwisting the Lines
  • One-handed control of the kite
  • Walking with a kite in the water
  • Take-off and Land as a pilot (on the water)
  • Wind Window Theory
  • Kite release (Quick Release – second security step)
  • Self Land
  • Equipment packaging

IKO Level 2 – Advanced Beginner

In this level, you and the instructor will focus mainly on starting from the water and the first steps in riding in the wind. You'll test your skills and the full potential of the wind. You'll learn to use the power of the kite to pull the body in all possible directions and your self-rescue.
Attained skills
  • Take-off and Land as a pilot
  • Take-off of the kite lying on the water surface
  • Body-drag with both hands and a stable kite
  • Body-drag upwind
  • Body-drag with the board
  • Self Rescue
  • Introduction to ROW (Right of Way) rules
  • Advanced kite checking
  • Water Start
  • Driving on both sides in the wind, stopping

IKO Level 3 – Independent Beginner

In this part of the course, your IKO instructor will show you how to go upwind, toeside and help you focus on higher skills such as edge speed control, change of direction without stopping and safe landing. After completing that level, you will be able to ride alone and rent equipment wherever you are in the world.
Attained skills
  • Controlled edge speed
  • Riding against the wind
  • Turns into the opposite direction
  • Toeside
  • Self Launch with Re-Ride System
  • Self Rescue in deep water

IKO Level 4 – Advanced

Your IKO instructor will demonstrate various techniques (e.g. how to jump, how to save another rider with his board, etc.) Theoretical topics will include how to improve your position on the board, kiteboarding safety and other information on how to tune the kite.
Attained skills
  • Basic jump
  • Power jibe
  • Jump with a grab
  • Change of the direction when jumping
  • Help another rider
  • Rescue another rider's board
  • International kite brands
  • ROW (Right of Way) Rules
  • Further information about the equipment
  • Weather information, wind forecasts, tides
  • Aerodynamics

IKO Level 5 – Freeride

You have progressed to a point where you are a confident kitesurfer but still hungry for more tricks. This Freeride course will teach you advanced tricks.
Attained skills
  • Riding on tiptoes
  • Transition from toe to heel
  • Pop
  • Jump transition
  • Jump transition to toeside
  • Backroll
  • Backroll transition
  • Different types of grabs
  • Invert jump
  • Downloop (no jump)
  • Downloop jibe
  • Kiteloop (no jump)
  • Riding in the blind
  • Jump to the blind

IKO Level 5 – Freestyle

In the Freestyle course, you will learn how to do more challenging tricks such as raley, advanced grabs, higher jumps, unhooked tricks, etc.
Attained skills
  • Frontroll
  • Frontroll transition
  • Pop
  • Hooked-in railey
  • Hooked-in railey-to-toeside
  • Higher jump
  • Higher jump with grab
  • Higher backroll
  • Higher frontroll
  • Unhook and hook back in
  • Unhooked pop
  • Unhooked railey
  • Unhooked backroll
  • Surface handle pass
  • Jump transition with kiteloop
  • Jump and land with downloop
  • Jump with kiteloop and land with downloop
  • Backroll with kiteloop
  • Backroll with grab
  • Hooked-in railey with grab
  • Unhooked pop with grab

Price list

What makes our service stand out?
We incorporate the Bbtalkin telecommunication system and the finest teaching equipment available in the market, ensuring your learning pace is swift (resulting in fewer hours on the water) and the experience is highly secure. We strive to make your lessons enjoyable and help you master kitesurfing in a short span. Our team is always ready to serve you with a smile and utmost professionalism.

Without own equipment

The price includes:
  • learning with a certified and experienced instructor
  • using BbTalkin radios (helmet-based radio communication system)
  • international Kiteboarding Certificate issued on the basis of acquired skills
  • kite equipment lease (latest Ozone kits, trapezoids, helmets…)
  • discounts on your own kite equipment
Time 1 person 2 people
1 h 70 € 45 € / person
2 h 138 € 88 € / person
3 h 204 € 132 € / person
4 h 268 € 174 € / person


With own equipment

The price includes:
  • learning with a certified and experienced instructor
  • using BbTalkin radios (helmet-based radio communication system)
  • international Kiteboarding Certificate issued on the basis of acquired skills
  • safety equipment
  • discounts on your own kite equipment
Essential details about payment procedures:
We accept payments exclusively in cash, ideally in Euros, Dollars, or Egyptian pounds. Payments are to be made at the reception in the station at the end of your stay, after your final lesson or kite equipment rental. If you wish to determine the cost before withdrawing money from an ATM, please inquire at the reception.

Time 1 person 2 people
1 h 60 € 40 € / person
2 h 117 € 75 € / person
3 h 173 € 112 € / person
4 h 228 € 147 € / person

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