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Kitesurfing Kite El Gouna You'll learn to Enjoy the kiting Kite safe, with the latest OZONE equipment and have fun doing it. Our instructors with 20 years of experience will stand by you. Always.

Why is El Gouna an ideal kite place?

year-round kiting

stable wind

ideal wind direction

beautiful and clear sea

shallow water

350 sunny days


Kiteboarding lessons

It's fully up to you what you choose.
In our kite school, you'll learn kiting basics as well as the most advanced tricks. We teach according to the international organization IKO that over 20 years of practical testing developed a program that quickly and safely teaches new kiteboarders.
All our instructors have undergone an IKO course and are very skilled kitesurfers themselves – and they will give you their best, so that you can be a confident kitesurfer yourself.

The beginner lessons are absolutely essential. You'll learn to drive independently and at the same time, you'll get basic safety information and procedures under your skin. After completion of this course, you'll feel safe to go kiting alone, without an instructor.
Refresh will remind you of all the kite-related knowledge and skills you have learned before and need to know before heading back to water. Our IKO certified instructors will help you adjust your equipment, refresh the basics, safety elements and various kiting techniques.
Learn your first tricks – and jump really high. Each Freestyle lesson is planned individually with each student based on his skills. To attend a freestyle course, you have to be at least IKO 3 certified.
Our rental shop has the latest models of Ozone kites and other equipment from the Mystic brand, such as waist harnesses and helmets. For hygienic reasons, we do not rent wetsuits and water shoes, we only sell them at very favorable prices.
Kite El Gouna


Not only will you learn kiteboarding, but you'll also experience loads of fun. You can share your successes with others, take part in groups events, make new friends... Event = 6 days of maximum fun, well-being and sports. You will definitely gain more than you expect.

Kitesurfing is an individual sport, no doubt about that. On the other hand, it is also connected with the overall lifestyle and a like-minded community of people who experience nice moments together. Our events are a combination of kiting and other activities on non-windy days, such as yoga, workout, wakeboarding, SUP trips and more.

Kite Safari

The real gem in our offer! We've visited many places around the world, but Kite Safari is definitely the best we've ever experienced. Kite Safari is suitable for both beginners and experienced kiters. Lonely islands, kiting with dolphins, unforgettable sunsets.

In the vicinity of El Gouna and on the adjacent islands, we organize these unique kite events on a five-star, 43-meter boat. We'll sail to the most beautiful places in the Red Sea, we'll visit the untouched beaches of small islands with shallow water, we will kite all day on flat water and enjoy the…
Kite img EN
Sun, heat, sea – that's

Kite El Gouna

years of experience
sunny days
windy days
Improve your


Practice yoga, do sports, eat healthy. In short, do everything you can to enjoy El Gouna to the fullest. In that way, you'll bring great memories but also new, better habits that will help you to live a more fulfilling life. Remember: the body fuels the mind.

Yoga is a great addition to kiteboarding. Yoga by the sea during sunrise or sunset will offer you a completely different experience than you've ever tried. Our yoga classes are always compiled individually according to the level of the group.
We love to move, mainly because it makes our bodies release hormones of joy, endorphins. We prefer sports in the fresh air – more specifically, on the outdoor workout playground at the tip of the new Marina with breathtaking panoramas.


Nowadays, SUP (Stand Up Paddling) is a very popular sport suitable for everyone. Even in calm weather, you can spend time on the water. Thanks to SUP, you will get to many beautiful bays of El Gouna, from where you can see the city from a completely different point of view.
This is what

Our customers say

We'll always strive to improve our services so that you are above-satisfied. That's why we are happy for each feedback.

Kitesurfing Kite El Gouna
“A great crew! I haven't had a single moment of boredom with them. I learn some new kiteboarding tricks.” Miky
Katerina 2
“Highly recommended! Everyone from the Kite El Gouna team is very friendly and professional. I can't wait for the next visit.” Katerina
Lucie Kitesurfing Kite El Gouna
“It was an unforgettable vacation. Kitesurfing is the best sport I have ever tried.” Lucie

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Kitesurfing Kite El Gouna

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