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Who can do kiteboarding

Who can do kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is undoubtedly a very attractive extreme sport that looks amazing and can be very addictive.

We often hear “I don’t understand the wind at all, I can’t learn that, I’m afraid of what the kite will do to me, I can’t hold the kite….”.
These thoughts will probably go through many people’s heads and we understand them – it’s something new for you and it is always a bit scary. Well, the opposite is true. As challenging and dangerous as this sport may seem, the reality is that anyone who passes the course can ride in a few days and enjoy the time spent on the water.

“There is never too late nor too soon to start learning kiteboarding.”

In reality, kiteboarding is a sport that children, adults and even seniors do and enjoy.

What skills do I need?

The basic skill to get started with kiting is the ability to swim. You will learn all the other skills you need with a qualified instructor. The course lead by a professional instructor will not only ensure that you learn the basics of kiteboarding, but that you learn them correctly and safely – and that is the most important thing.

Most people need 10–12 hours before they start riding independently and in a controlled manner.

If you have experience with any other wind sport (such as windsurfing or sailing), it can help you understand the theory of flying with a kite using the wind more quickly. Likewise, it will be a bit easier for wakeboarders and snowboarders to get on the kiteboard and just go. However, in comparison to these two sports, the rider’s stance is different, because most of the time he rides on the edge. However, the most important thing takes place in the air with the kite; therefore it is the most important to get acquainted with how to control it.

The kite is attached to a waist harness that is around your body torso at hip level, so there is no need to exert any force. Nevertheless, kiteboarding is still a sport. Naturally, it’s better for you if you have at least basic physical skills – balance, aerobic fitness and being able to engage your body in a way so that you reduce the likelihood of an injury.

For us, the ability to keep a cool head, to be patient and optimistic is essential as well. You will see for yourself that everything goes better with a smile.


Can I come to the course with the entire family – including kids?

Modern kiteboarding equipment is really safe and the teaching programs are improving year by year. Therefore, it is possible (and safe) to learn kiteboarding without regard to your age or body weight. Even if you’re older, you can progress slower and cautiously, so that you ensure a safe ride for yourself.

IKO organisation’s recommendation is that children should weigh at least 30 kg and be above the age of 8, to start learning kiteboarding. We completely agree with this statement, because it is very likely that children with the bodyweight under the limit will not be able to hold water underfoot, they may not have the needed motor skills and attention. Once safety issues are adequately covered, children generally learn faster than adults.

On the one hand, kiteboarding is an individual sport. On the other one, it is undoubtedly connected with the lifestyle and a like-minded community of people. Even outside of time on the water, the kiters spend nice moments together. Likewise, age does not discriminate, each of you will always be considered a member. So taking your family to a kite course is definitely a good choice and you will experience a lot of unforgettable experiences together.

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