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How to choose suitable kite equipment

How to choose suitable kite equipment

The purchase of your very first kite equipment is a big step and it can be difficult to decide what brand and model to buy. We will give you tips on how to avoid mistakes during the purchase and help you choose the most suitable equipment.

There are many different brands for kite equipment, some of which are more expensive and others more affordable. Usually, it depends mainly on your personal choice and on the suitability. It is also great if you have the opportunity to try it and ensure yourself that you are really satisfied with it.

The customers of our kite school automatically have the advantage of great discounts on all kite equipment from our e-shop.

You can choose kite equipment from some of the best brands in the world, Ozone, North, Mystic and Brunotti, which you can try at our school. In our rental shop, we offer the latest models of kites and boards. After completing the course, you can buy your favorite kite at very advantageous prices. We also provide our students with a discount on waist harnesses, helmets, wetsuits and Mystic clothing.

Before you decide to buy your own equipment, try as many different brands and models as possible.

What are the most important tips for the equipment for beginners?
  • Before you decide to buy your own equipment, try as many different brands and models as possible
  • Choose a larger size of a board, don’t buy a too small one
  • To start, ride with straps, not with a solid binding
  • Hold onto one brand when buying kites
Waist harnesses

A waist harness is an essential part of a kiter’s equipment. It has to be comfortable so that it is not distracting during kiting. It needs to fit your body, sit well on it and it definitely should not push you or restrict your movement. Often it is the first piece of equipment that a kiter buys, do not underestimate the choice process. We recommend purchasing one, even though you are in the phase where you test or rent the kites. Considering the low purchase price of waist harnesses, the investment is not too risky. If you happen to find out during the ride that the current waist harness does not suit you well, it is not pricey to buy another one.

A board
What board size should I choose?

The right size of the board for you depends on your body weight and height. The board size varies between 133 cm and 145 cm and each seller offers a size chart, so that the choice is easy – or you can even ask the seller for advice. In general, try a larger board at the beginning. Even in case of weak wind, it makes riding in it easier.

What board type to choose?

Depending on the riding style you prefer, the boards are divided into:

  • Twin-tip board is the most common type of board and you can use it in almost any kiteboard discipline. It is used in freestyle, freeride, race and wake.
  • Wake style boards are not optimal for beginners but they are the most suitable for advanced kiters in wakestyle. It’s a board with solid binding. The board has a bigger rocker, that’s why upwind riding is more difficult.
  • Surf is an ideal board for kiters who want to ride in waves or enjoy the absolute freedom. Freestyle strapless is a royal kiting discipline.
  • Foil / Hydrofoil board is the fastest board you can get. Thanks to its hydrodynamic shape, the board can get above the water level and eliminate the water resistance. The board is a good choice for professional kiteboarders or for kitesurfing in weak wind.

The classic boards (twin-tip) are of different shapes, rocker, flex and stiffness, that’s why the type of the board is important as well. Beginners choose boards from the Freeride category (it is always stated at the board description). They have a mild rocker and flex, meaning that it will tolerate your mistakes and enable you to ride in almost any weather condition. Again – if you have the possibility, try the boards yourself. We are all individuals with different preferences, you might like harder or more flexible boards – that’s why it’s important to test the board in different conditions. For the beginners, we recommend riding with straps (a loop into which you just insert your foot – they are much safer). If you don’t plan on doing freestyle tricks, it makes no sense to buy solid binding.


Buying all new equipment is always a big investment. For a new kite + bar, expect to pay 1,000–2,000€ (depending on size and brand). We therefore recommend testing the kites properly to choose the right size and shape.

What kite size should I choose?

Kite sizes are evaluated according to the area where the fabric is in square meters. When choosing a kite size, think about where you will kite the most and what wind conditions are there. It will also depend on your body weight and kite type. It also depends on whether you want to buy a set of 2 or 3 kites. For most people, a 9,12 m or 7,9,12 m setting is a good start and covers a wide range of winds. If you usually ride in a weaker wind, move the sizes by 1 or 2. Of course, the rider’s weight also plays a role. Be sure to consult us before buying kites.

If you know that your main destination for kiting will be Egyptian El Gouna, we recommend choosing larger kite sizes. There are days with a really strong wind (around 25 knots) but for most days, the wind is average with a wind force around 14–17 knots. The wind is constant here and blows in the direction of Cross-onshore, which is the best and safest wind direction.

What kite type to choose?

We distinguish three kite types that you can recognize on the first sight because of their different shapes: bow kite, hybrid kite and C kite.

Bow Kite
An ideal and safe kite for beginners. In comparison with C kites, its shape is rather flat. It is suitable for a much bigger wind range, it can be easily and quickly started from water, too and you can use it even at a very advanced level. Bow kites have the biggest hang time which means they are constructed for high flies with a smooth impact. With a bow kite, you can never step aside.
The Ozone Kite brand offers one of the most popular models in the world, the Ozone EDGE. We love EDGE and would highly recommend it to everyone.

Hybrid kite
An ideal compromise between a bow kite and a C kite. Some hybrid kites will be more similar to C kites while others closer to bow kites. If you plan on purchasing a hybrid kite, our best advice is to focus on something that is closer to a Bow kite. The easiest way to find out which spectrum a hybrid kite is more like is to look at its shape. The hybrid kite is usually used by more experienced riders who want to try the first kite loops (spinning the kite in the air). In general, Hybrid kites are faster, but the landing from high jumps will be significantly harder than from the bow kite.

The Ozone Kite brand offers the Ozone ENDURO model. It has 3 setting options. It is a universal kite but in practice, the setting options will be appreciated by an experienced kiter.
It is definitely worth mentioning Ozone CATALYST that has undergone an innovation. Today, you can get a version 3 of this kite, which is a pleasant surprise to everyone. “The best learning kite” became a kite for a very pleasant ride, even if you are already a more experienced rider. We teach our students to ride on Ozone CATALYST kite most of the time.

C kite
Freestyle kites that are usually used by riders who focus on wake style. For riders who jump unhooked (the bar is not hooked into a waist harness hook), they are fun and very fast. It’s not as enjoyable for the classic riding style, though. You can recognize a C kite easily – its shape is similar to a shape of the letter C. We do not recommend it to beginners, because they are unnecessarily dangerous compared to other types of kites.
Ozone Kite manufactures the Ozone AMP model, which replaced the legendary Ozone C4 model.

Foil Kite
As the name suggests, these are kites designed mostly for foil riding. These are kites non inflatable with a pump. They inflate themselves when you start them. They have a closed front side so that the kite can be restarted after falling into the water. Someone uses foil kites in a very light wind. In our opinion, this is nonsense nowadays. Inflatable kites are already made almost as light and are also faster and more fun.

What Ozone kites do we recommend?

Ozone Edge – Bow Kite

  • A perfect kite pro big jumps
  • Huge wind range
  • Loooong hangtime
  • High performance
  • Great riding upwind
  • Durable processing
  • Higher purchase price

Ozone ENDURO – Hybrid kite

  • Wide range of usage – FREERIDE, WAVE, FREESTYLE
  • Open C – a hybrid construction
  • Responds perfectly to gusts – you control the power of the bar position without the need for trimming
  • A simple restart directly from the water upon use quick release system
  • Big wind range

If you are still uncertain about what equipment to choose, contact us and we can help you to choose the best equipment just for you.

Your Kite El Gouna team

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