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''Why El Gouna? El Gouna is a magical place where we love to return regularly.''
Kite El Gouna team

Why El Gouna

We’ve had the opportunity to visit a lot of kiting destinations around the world. Each of them has a different atmosphere and different (dis)advantages. Of course, it depends on personal preferences – what one expects from the place. Despite visiting a lot of beautiful places, El Gouna was our regularly repeated choice.

“We were 100% sure that El Gouna never disappoints.”

In addition, accessibility from Europe by approximately 4-hour flight is also priceless.


On average, there is 70% of windy days in a year.


After several visits, we made good friends here. We learnt how things are here, what to do, where to go, where is the best food or drink… in short, we learnt how to get the most out of our vacation and not waste our time. El Gouna became freedom for us.


Life itself is not as hectic and sped up as we are used to at home. There are no rules, dangers and the conditions for kiting are absolutely fantastic. Here we have the choice to ride flat or go into deep water, which is crystal clear and turquoise. The everyday sun charges us with positive energy and even outside of kiting there is guaranteed something to do.

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