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Kite El Gouna



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We love to move, mainly because it makes our bodies release hormones of joy, endorphins. We prefer sports in the fresh air – more specifically, on the outdoor workout playground at the tip of the new Marina with breathtaking panoramas. Another pleasant place for training together will be a workout in the Red Sea Zone kit station. Whether here or there, we’ll train hard together, burn all those calories and strengthen our bodies. Of course, we will also teach you how to exercise correctly and effectively – and most importantly, we will be happy thanks to the ton of endorphins.

What will exercising bring us?
  • better sleep
  • disease prevention
  • better mental health
  • better immune system
  • better posture
  • great conditions for fatloss
  • more energy
  • stronger body
The process
  • we’ll meet at the kite station or in the outdoor fitness center in the Marina (don’t forget to bring a water to drink, comfortable sportswear or a swimsuit
  • together with our lecturers, we’ll choose a suitable style of exercise so that we can enjoy it together and sweat
  • we’ll explain the technique of all exercises, we’ll pick up the necessary aids (e.g. expanders)
Price of a personal lesson
  • 40 € / one person
  • 50 € / two people
Price of a group class
  • 10 € / person


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